Saturday, December 31, 2005

Short Posts

I've been spending time lately on my travel blog[1]. One thing that I've noticed, even at this early stage of writing, is that there really isn't that much to say on a daily basis. Nothing in my life changes that fast.

So, for the end of 2005, I'd like to leave you with this little, brief, and probably crappy haiku:

A year is ended
Glasses of champagne are drunk
A year is begun

Happy New Year.

1. I feel like I'm becoming a master of the subtle self-plug.

Friday, December 16, 2005

On a More Personal Note

Since this blog is particularly dedicated to essay writing, I've started a new blog concerning my entry into vagabondage. The intention of the new blog is to chronicle the activities leading up to and through the act of leaving work and traveling abroad for several months on end.

Does this mean I will stop writing essays? Not a chance. I'll be doing nothing for the month of January but planning, thinking, sleeping, and drinking.

It'll be good times.